Two Time Sunday Million Winner

With almost $1,000,000 in tracked online profit, including two outright Sunday Million wins, Rob is one of the most profitable players in the post-Black Friday generation. In addition, Rob has helped build one of the largest and most profitable staking groups in the world.

Rob understands every element it takes to become a winner in the game and stay there long-term. Not only has he done it for himself, he's also helped 100s of others to reach their poker goals.

​Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet

​Online MTT Legend

With over $10,000,000 in career cashes and over $3,000,000 in tracked career profits, Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet is considered by many to be both the best player AND best coach in online poker history. 

Rather than rest on past accomplishments, Jon's results continue to improve as he breaks new ground and creates cutting edge strategies that crush the toughest games out there.  


The fastest way to boost your winrate is by plugging preflop leaks. Remove all the guesswork by implementing proven ranges created by the game’s best. Learn what to open, when to three-bet, and when to flat from every position at a wide range of stack depths.

Stop feeling lost in postflop situations by following a set of rules that are simple, yet highly effective in most fields. Go from being timid and weak postflop, to the player whose opponents would rather throw away a marginal hand against than battle with postflop. 

​Each lesson in The Blueprint is broken down into easy to understand, entertaining, and actionable concepts, that give you confidence you’ll see improvements in your game, even if you’ve been disappointed by other courses.

What The pros are saying about our coaches

​“I credit Robs videos and his way of looking at the game, the biggest reason why I am swimming in cash (single dollar bills, but still). His way of conveying his unique style of playing and stripping the game down to its bare essence turned me from being a small winner at low-stakes into a big winner at mid-stakes. If you are open to change your mindset about how to approach MTTs, and you are willing to put in the effort, I guarantee you will make more money then you are making now.”

Bert “Girafganger7” Stevens

“Jon was the biggest influence in the early part of my poker career and helped shape my approach to the game. Through his willingness to discuss poker with anyone and consistent and thoughtful re-examination of his strategies, he has kept ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving game for a truly impressive length of time. I continue to recommend him when people ask me for coaching.”

​Steven “​Stevie444” ​Chidwick


The Blueprint is all about giving you a winning MTT strategy that you can actually take to the tables, in as little time as possible. Most poker courses brag about their hundreds of hours of video content that ends up being too long, boring, and more theory than useable strategy.

We believe that you’d rather be shipping tournaments than spending all your time in the poker classroom. That’s why we’ve compressed a lifetime of poker experience into The Blueprint course, that gives you simple strategies you can implement immediately.

To learn more about how we accomplished this, watch this first sneak peek video, taken directly from the training. 

16 Rules.

“Honestly, it’s been a pain in the ass.

I have a very comprehensive understanding of why everything is the way it is and having to break it down to a formula has been very difficult. We’ve come up with rules for almost every stage, and then once you have those rules mastered, you can move on.

I hope you enjoy it; it’s been a lot of work”

-Jon “apestyles Van Fleet on creating The Blueprint

While we can’t download Rob & Jon’s poker knowledge directly into your brain, The Blueprint is our attempt to get you up to speed in as little time as possible.

The goal of this course is to hand you a strategy that keeps you competitive in any game you sit down in, while winning at a nice rate in good low to mid-stakes games both online and live.

We do this by giving you a set of 16 rules that cover the most common situations you’ll encounter in any MTT. These are the fundamentals that make up any winning strategy, what you should master before diving into the endless rabbit hole of potential adjustments. 

​What The pros are saying about our coaches

​"Jon is one of the best tournament players of all time, he is also an excellent teacher who excels at explaining new concepts to students of varying skill levels"

​Elio Fox

​A great deal of my poker success I directly attribute to having been coached by Jon. I found him to be a brilliant poker mind who can explain his thought process in a clear and implementable way; a dedicated teacher who offered me the
mentorship and inspiration I needed to take my game to new heights; and a coach on the cutting edge of poker software and metrics allowing me to vastly improve my own study and review process.

​Sam Grafton


How would it feel if you could sit down today in any MTT and at least hold your own?

Most poker products paint the picture of crushing high-stakes games and mixing it up with the best in the world. But what about those still trying to be solid winners at micro, low, and midstakes, or even those just trying to be profitable for the first time?

Doing that isn't about learning any complicated techniques or discovering super-secret strategies. It's all about getting a clear understanding of the fundamentals, and consistently applying those principles when you play.

With The Blueprint, Rob Tinnion and Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet have laid out this foundation in an entertaining, easy-to-understand format and handcrafted a set of rules that allows you to implement the strategy as quickly as possible.

That means you can go straight into using what you've learned where it really matters, in actual in-game MTT situations. Then once you've started seeing real results on the tables, and gained mastery over the core fundamentals, you can begin to think about what it would look like to take it to the next level.

Rob and Jon are two of the most successful (and profitable) players in the game's history, and more importantly, they have proven that they can translate their personal success into the success of their students.

If you've been frustrated with other poker products in the past, feel stuck with your current position in the game, or just want a behind-the-scenes look at the process, approach, and fundamentals that make up a winning MTT strategy, then enroll today to get instant access to your blueprint for winning in today's games.